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Live Your Dharma, Not Their Karma: A Path to Sovereignty Amidst Chaos

A beautiful orange butterfly representing sovereignty and metamorphosis

In today's world where the cacophony of external influences never seems to end, it can be a Herculean task to hold onto the reins of one’s own spiritual and personal growth. This is the challenge Earthbacon addresses through our core philosophy of the 3M's: Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation. These tools are seen as the vehicles that can transport us from a state of external chaos to internal calm, promoting sovereignty and self-development.

Embrace Your Sovereignty

Living your dharma is an act of sovereignty. It’s about claiming ownership of your spiritual and personal journey, notwithstanding the chaotic external circumstances. By practicing the 3 Ms, we can create a solid foundation upon which to build our own life, free from the undue influences of others' karma.

The journey towards self-sovereignty is neither a short nor an easy one, but it’s a worthy endeavor. In a world that’s increasingly chaotic, living your dharma not only contributes to your own inner peace but also creates dimensions of harmony in the collective consciousness. Through the practices of Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation, we can move closer to a state of internal and external equilibrium, anchoring ourselves amidst the ever-evolving drama of life.

Escape The Shadows of Ancestral and Collective


At times we find ourselves ensnared in the karmic patterns of our family and friends, our ancestors, and society at large. Their unresolved issues and the ongoing global dramas can heavily cloud our individual paths. Here, our core principles of Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation shine as the beacons to help navigate through these foggy terrains. They equip us with the discernment to recognize and differentiate between what’s ours to carry and what’s not.

The Mirror of Mushrooms

Mushrooms, particularly the psychedelic varieties, have been revered by many cultures as a tool for inner exploration and the expansion of consciousness. Earthbacon promotes a responsible and sacred use of our fungal allies as a means to re-connect with one’s inner wisdom. They act like mirrors, reflecting back the intricacies of our mind and soul, urging us to confront and embrace all parts of ourselves. This is the first step towards living your dharma; understanding your mind, and recognizing your unique path.

The Silence of Meditation

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind to listen to the soul. It’s about finding that still point amidst a turbulent world, a practice that’s more crucial now than ever. Through meditation, we can access a state of clarity and calmness which allows us to perceive our dharma - our purpose, without the muddying influences of external dramas. The practice helps us to differentiate between the echoes of other people’s karma and the voice of our own dharma.

The Balance of Mediation

Mediation at Earthbacon is about creating a balance between the external and internal, the worldly and the spiritual. It is about engaging with the world from a place of centeredness, rather than getting swept away in its currents of drama. Mediation encourages us to learn from the world and the people around us without getting entangled in their karmic cycles. It’s about standing firm in our own dharma, contributing to the world in a way that’s in harmony with our true nature.

Peace Elijah



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