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More Space to Grow = More to Give

Tucked away in south Stockton next to Walker Slough is a whole community farm space complete with fertile Central Valley soil, a tool shed, and two repairable greenhouses. Good thing Earth Bacon is here to help!

When we first arrived at the farm, everything was pretty overgrown and it looked like the place hadn't been touched in a really long time because it hadn't been touched in a really long time. But in just a short time, just a few weeks, we've reaped, tilled, soaked, transplanted, propagated, and de-wasped to get the farm in ready enough condition to open it up to the community.

There is always work to be done at the farm and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge and get nutritious food growing for the community. What better way to show children (and adults!) where food actually comes from then by having them grow it themselves?

It's called Imagine Farms and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community farm strictly operating through donations, grants, other local partnerships, and volunteers. Partnered with the Stockton Unified School District, many agricultural and environmental workshops, events, and fundraisers will be planned and the farm is currently accepting sponsorship for farm plots/garden beds.

Earth Bacon has been tasked with keeping the farm operating and we've already created

products made with herbs grown at the farm! Check out our new Balancing Balm and Temple Oil under Wellness. We're always growing mycelium for our mushroom grow kits and now with a whole farm to help manage and maintain, we'll literally never stop growing!

Even if you're nowhere near California, you can help a whole community by donating, sponsoring a bed, or purchasing items off the farm's wish list. Follow Imagine Farms on Instagram to view our progress and see what's going on at the farm and visit the website for more information or to join an online Imagine Farms group.

Happy Growing!

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