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Mushrooms are for the Culture - Liquid Culture that is!

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Of all the different methodologies of growing mushrooms, liquid culture syringes provide a lower contamination risk and a sustainable, economical source of mycelium always ready to grow. When a concentration of mushroom spores are mixed with sterilized water and specific sugars, the cloudy liquid rapidly cultivates into healthy mycelium. Protected in a clean syringe, the liquid culture provides a long shelf life and a practically unlimited supply of mycelium.

Mycelium in liquid form helps make inoculation a breeze; just a small squirt on any spawn of choice would be ample for the mycelium to eat up and take over. Once the spawn is fully myceliated, healthy chunks can be placed into substrate of choice for even more healthy growth. Contamination is kept to a minimum and it’s a convenient way of getting many bags or bins of spawn inoculated quickly.

It’s like liquid gold and when handled right, mushroom liquid cultures will keep on growing, just like you.

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