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On My Healing Journey

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

My eyes almost swole shut. My ears puffed out like two red pom pom balls. My whole face looked like I just lost in the first round of an MMA match. Every inch of my neck and arms were coated in pus-filled hives.

It was an extreme allergic reaction to synthetic preservatives found in a name-brand 96% 'plant-based' laundry detergent.

I had two more extreme allergic reactions in the subsequent months to more man-made chemicals and aluminum, a known allergy, but unknown it was lurking in the baking powder we thought was aluminum-free.

I didn't see a doctor or a dermatologist. Instead, I utilized Earthbacaon's 3 M's to heal myself:


In addition to the nutrient-rich meals I ate, many with gourmet edible mushrooms such as Trumpet and Seafood mushrooms, I also supplemented with:

  • Reishi mushrooms - dry and powdered, added to green tea; supports the immune system, reduces inflammation, manages stress and anxiety, and contains antioxidant properties

  • Lion's mane mushrooms - dry and powdered, added to tea and food;

promotes healthy nerve cell recovery, reduces inflammation, boosts

immune system, relieves mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improves brain function

  • Therapeutic mushrooms - dried and grounded, added to tea or sprinkled on food; reduces depression symptoms, promotes feelings of peace, calmness, and connectedness

All of these mushrooms and mushrooms in general encourage and promote healing on a multitude of levels. The very process of how mushrooms grow and reproduce is one of healing, so it's no wonder they've been around longer than humans have.


I made sure (and still do) to meditate every day. To encourage healing while thinking thoughts of healing, I played binaural frequencies, specifically 528hz which is a known sacred frequency proven to activate and strengthen our natural self-healing powers. I repeated a mantra during meditation and whenever applying unrefined organic raw shea butter, aloe vera, or Soul Powerr Infusion's Healing Balm to my ravaged skin: I am healing - I am healed - Repair - Restore - Renew. I also tried to hold the visual in my mind's eye of what I normally look like, my regular happy face with no hives, oozing, or skin disfigurement. I also utilized mudras while meditating, a non-verbal mode of communication and self-expression used to evoke ideas symbolizing divine powers or deities. I made sure to use the mudras that encouraged healing of my skin and correcting physical and spiritual imbalances.

Two years ago, I couldn't tame my mind or keep my body still enough to meditate for even 5 minutes; it took persistent practice to get to this point. It also took guidance and techniques to work up to at least a 30-minute a day meditation. It's so much easier to delve into it today; it feels incredible having a clear mind and heart, and having reminders of how much I have to be grateful for.


Having a support system of caring and compassionate family and friends and genuine people that cared really helped put my mind and emotions at ease. I was in so much pain and discomfort and looked terrible, but my kids and husband stepped up, knowing they would never want to go through what I was going through. Sharing my horrendous pictures with loved ones and seeing/hearing their encouragement and validation that I'm getting better every week, helped me feel better and lessened my overwhelming feelings of sadness and anger. Having other people to talk to and asking about what they were up to helped take my mind off my issues. My husband, Elijah, and other healer friends provided me with other healing-inducing supplements such as grapefruit seed extract, burdock root, green tea, ginger, cannabis, ashawagandha, and maca root. Everyone's positive thoughts and prayers were comforting and necessary. There are people on this planet whose purpose is to heal others; if you need help, all you have to do is ask.


Almost a whole year of battling on and off extreme allergic reactions was one of the most physically challenging things I've ever had to endure in my 46 years, and I've had 5 babies with zero epidurals! I'm still not 100% healed as it takes about 29 to 42 days for skin to regenerate for someone my age, but I finally look normal and feel like myself again, albeit still a little itchy and flaky. I have, however, 110% accepted and acknowledged how powerful my mind, body, and spirit is in healing itself.

If you need a testimonial and can stomach some gnarly pictures of how bad my reactions were or want to know how it was all possible to get through this without a doctor or any medical professional intervention, book a session and Ask Me Anything - I'm here to help!

Love Always,



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Brian A
Brian A
Nov 08, 2023

Great read, thank you for sharing. Mushrooms are magic and help my family daily! Also reminds me to mediate more. Peace!

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