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Signature Collection Has Begun! Decriminalize California Psilocybin Initiative 2024!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

decriminialize California

California has until January 10, 2024 to gather enough signatures for the California Psilocybin Initiative to get onto next year's ballot!

A collaboration among attorneys, scientists, medical professionals, mycologists, and researchers from across the world, as well as members of the public from all walks of life, have contributed to the language of the Initiative which can be read here:

The vision of the Decriminalize California group aligns with those of us who overstand the powerful positive benefits of psilocybin mushrooms:

"Our vision is a world in which people are free to explore their own mental processes, cognition and consciousness as they choose. In particular, a place where researchers, guides, facilitators and those with open minds and open hearts are able to investigate the healing nature of psychedelics – without fear of suppression, censure and incarceration. We believe that the transformative power of mind-expanding compounds, both natural substances and their chemical analogs, will help guide us to a better future."

Volunteers are needed in every county across the state to collect the 500,000+ signatures still needed to get the Initiative on November's 2024 ballot. Interested in the movement? Download the Signer Sheet to start collecting signatures here: California Psilocybin Initiative 2024

If you're interested or would like to know more about psilocybin mushrooms and how to incorporate their healing properties into your life, book an Earth Bacon session today.



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