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The Cycles of 9: A Sacred Symphony of Self and Cosmos


In the mystical dance of existence, EarthBacon extends an invitation to explore the harmonious convergence of Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation, the triad of interconnected wisdom that guides us to our truest selves. Embark with me, Elijah, as we unravel the transformative meditation technique known as the Cycles of 9, and delve into its profound connections with EarthBacon's ethos and the intricate fabric of our shared reality.

The Cycles of 9: An Ancient Sacred Dance of 9 , The Rhythm of Breath and Being

The Cycles of 9 weave a symphony—a rhythm of breath and being that unites us with the cosmic tapestry—a meditation technique that resonates through the Chakras. Inhale, counting to 9, drawing the breath from your nose to the root chakra, and then slowly ascend to the sacral chakra. Bathe in the love, light, wisdom, and abundance of the sacral chakra for 9 seconds. Feel the breath merge the energies of the solar, heart, and throat chakras during its sacred journey. Exhale slowly through the mouth, ascending past your third eye, releasing from the crown chakra, holding the exhale for another 9 seconds. 3 counts of 9. This rhythmic breathing, anchored in the wisdom of ages, connects us to universal vibrations, which are the unseen forces that bind us and the threads that weave us into the cosmic tapestry of oneness.

Unveiling Wisdom Through the 3Ms.

At the heart of this meditation technique lies EarthBacon's ethos—the 3Ms. Mushrooms, rooted in earthly wisdom, anchor us to the soil of self-discovery. Meditation delves into inner realms, a keystone in the arch of transformation, a cleansing river that washes away the shadows of the past. Mediation bridges the self with the world, a conduit of unity and connection. The Cycles of 9 become a bridge between the earthly and the cosmic, aligning us with the essence of our 3Ms ethos.

Transformative Power for Self, Society, and Earth

The practice of the Cycles of 9 extends beyond individual benefits, reaching into the realms of society and the Earth itself. As individuals align with their highest purpose through inner focus and the sacred rhythm of breath, society becomes a tapestry of purposeful interconnections. This rhythmic meditation serves as an anchor to universal energies, linking us to the unseen fabric of life. As we engage with this practice, we absorb the wisdom, love, and abundance of each chakra, creating a profound shift within. The Earth, our shared home, resonates with the harmonious vibrations created by mindful individuals in tune with the cycles of life.

The Number 9: A Sacred Symbol in the Symphony of Life

The significance of the number 9 reverberates throughout our existence. The number 9 is woven into the very fabric of life. In the cycles of 9 breaths, it becomes a sacred guide, marking transitions through the energy centers signifying completion and wholeness. In numerology, 9 is also associated with completion and wholeness—a fitting symbol for a meditation technique that harmonizes the self with the universe. Our thoughts, as manifestations of reality, influence our actions and moods; finding a resonant frequency within this rhythmic meditation aligns us with this sacred number that threads through every aspect of our lives.

My Journey: A Testament to Transformation

In my personal journey, meditation has been a catalyst for profound change. Starting with a shift in self-perception, I've traversed the inner realms of addiction and hate, aligning myself and embracing my purpose—to empower others to understand their power and sovereignty. Through the Cycles of 9, I've discovered a deeper connection to the cosmic dance and a renewed commitment to lifting others with our unique gifts, realizing their sovereignty and how we are all manifestations of the highest. We now find ourselves at the intersection of cycles, so let this be a call to inner transformation. In transformation, we intersect with the Cycles of 9, EarthBacon's wisdom, and the insights from the 33 breaths technique. Our transformations ripple beyond the individual self. Society, fueled by individuals aligned with their purpose, becomes a collective force for positive change. Our thoughts, like sacred incantations, emerge as potent spells to guide our selves and world towards unity, purpose, and love.

Embark on this transformative journey of the Cycles of 9, for within its rhythm lies the essence of EarthBacon's wisdom. Let the symphony of Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation, find the notes that resonate with your soul. The journey to self-discovery awaits in the rhythmic cadence of breath and the sacred dance of existence.

Take a breath, align with the cycles, and let the transformative journey begin.

Peace, Love, Wealth, Prosperity




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