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The Insanity of Love

lead with love; a heart engraved in a tree while sun sets in the distance


We are now aware that our hearts have a brain, a little mind of their own. When we are out of balance, we think more with our heads than with our hearts or in reverse. Disorganized thinking is somewhat like schizophrenia. With balanced, organized thinking, there is a synergy within self and enhanced ability. When we make choices using one organ more than the other, we are operating with a disability; we may make poor choices or use poor judgment. It is critical that we practice self-love, balancing the heart and the brain before we make decisions, any decision especially those that involve love, wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

We cannot love another before we know how to love ourselves. Love is not always sweet, it is often bitter, angry and violent. We cannot hate without love, we will not anger if we didn't have love first. We would never act in violence if we didn't love first. Once we learn to love ourselves, we are able to love outside of ourselves, reflecting our internal love into the world around us. We begin to recognize love in all things.

Living with your heart will bring you abundance, happiness, joy, and love. Living with your brain will bring you wealth, power, wisdom, and truth. Balancing the heart and the brain will bring you bliss.





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