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You've Made A Smart Move

All things are coming up mushrooms and it's not a limited-run trend. It's been deemed 2022's Ingredient of the Year (The New York Times), the Top 5 Food Trends for 2022 (Produce Blue Book), 2022 Healthy Food Trend (MSNBC), and Mashed stated, "This Surprising Ingredient will be Everywhere in 2022."

Why the increase into the mysteries of the mushroom? There is a long list of reasons, but mainly, it's all about that sustainability. Posted in the Vegconomist's Market & Trends, regenerative agriculture has seen explosive growth over the last two years as the plight of our planet steadily grows. Regenerative farming is a movement that 'promotes ecological harmony and biodiversity while prioritizing soil health.'

What's good for the soil, must be great for the body! They now have a label: functional mushrooms. Functional mushrooms simply mean some fungi go beyond basic health and nutritional benefits - like the saying, "carrots are good for your eyes"- mushrooms like Reishi and Chaga are more like medicine. Lion's Mane and Shiitake mushrooms are adaptogenic; they supercharge our stress response system so that our bodies can effectively ward off imbalances like inflammation.

Whatever reason brought you to, you've made a smart move. Mushrooms are here to keep us in balance for our own whole health and wellness. Even after several harvests from our grow kits, you can keep on growing with more substrate! Mushrooms are for life and for everybody - thanks for the Mush Love!



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