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What is your refund policy?

  • We do not provide refunds or returns on any of our products or services, however, we will do our due diligence to right any wrongs.

  • All of our age-restricted products require state ID in order to process purchase.


What is your shipping policy?    

  • Please allow up to 4 days to process order and 48 hours for shipping/tracking info. 


Lion's Mane: Please allow 14 days for your Lion’s Mane block to finish its growing process before it can begin fruiting. Once the block is fully myceliated, follow Lion’s Mane fruiting tips below. Staff is available to chat online and answer questions during business hours: Every Day 8:30am to 8:30pm

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Hericium Erinaceus

  • DO NOT cut off the top of the bag: cut a small X on the side of the bag near visible mycelium. A large fruiting area may cause it to produce smaller fruits;  a smaller fruiting area will ensure fewer but larger fruit.

  • DON'T forget: Lion's Mane grow kits are very sensitive to their environment

  • DO allow your Lion's substrate to completely colonize before fruiting to avoid premature fruiting

  • DO NOT expose grow kit to heavy light

  • DO NOT spray directly or aggressively as Lion's Mane mycelium may bruise easily; use a mister or spray bottle on mist setting


How do I know which service is right for me?

  • Thoroughly read the descriptions of each service to get an idea of all your options

  • Chat with our staff during business hours for assistance

  • Consider activities/services that bring you the most happiness or joy and comfort: do you enjoy sitting and talking, being active, or out in public or not at all?

Are your facilitators and guides qualified to administer medicinal mushrooms? 

  • None of our facilitators or guides administer anything but healing, love, and compassion; our staff provides suggestions on how mushrooms assist with whole healing. We do not "prescribe" medicine. 

  • All of our facilitators and guides are well-versed and well-experienced with medicinal mushrooms and their healing abilities. At Earth Bacon, we are all on our own individual healing journey and have gained the necessary knowledge and understanding of how mushrooms connect all of us to source and how to apply what's learned during these life-changing experiences to facilitate healing.   

How often will I need Earth Bacon services?

  • Your healing process is your own, so you determine the frequency of sessions needed to move forward on your path.  It's quite possible one session with any one of our facilitators could change your life. You might also find our services so fulfilling and rewarding it becomes a part of your healthy lifestyle. 


  • Yes! We provide wholesale ordering! Please click here to inquire.

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