Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased a Sporeganics mushroom growing kit from Earth Now what?

  • To begin fruiting, remove brown paper bag sleeve   

  • Slice an X on the plastic bag, exposing mushroom block to oxygen

  • Submerge exposed area of the block under pure, clean water, preferably distilled, for 24 hours

  • Remove from water

  • Place block in area of home out of direct sunlight, not in the dark, with plenty of flowing fresh air

  • Mist block throughout the day on exposed area with pure, clean water, distilled water preferred; more water if your growing area is dry    

  • Wait patiently and mist daily for about 7 to 10 days until "Pins" form. The mycelium will form pins and these are baby mushrooms! Within days, these will grow to full-sized mushrooms requiring more moisture as they grow

  • When fully grown, harvest them by removing the mushroom from the block

  • A typical mushroom fruiting cycle is complete within 7 days after initial pins

  • After harvesting and enjoying your freshly-grown mushrooms, repeat steps above in another location on the block for another harvest. One block can "flush" up to 3 or more times.
  • PRO GROWING TIP: On 2nd harvest, submerge block in water with about 1% - 3% hydrogen peroxide added to water by volume to kill any bacteria that may have formed during growing process

  • Please research more about mushrooms and mushroom growing to help facilitate the most successful yield from your kit.

Can I pick up my produce?

No. We are delivery only - sit back, relax, do what you do, and before you know it, your fresh produce will be on your doorstep!

Can I send fresh produce to anyone in your delivery zone?

Yes. Under "Shipping Details" at Checkout, enter the address where you want fresh produce sent. You can also email, leave a message or text 209-340-9711, or chat with us from the bottom right icon of our website for any pertinent delivery issues you may have.

What are your hours?

Unless otherwise noted, our Regular business hours are: 8:30am to 8:30pm Every Day.

How long does a delivery normally take?

On average, within 2 hours, but unforeseen circumstances sometimes occur that can affect our delivery times. If for any reason we cannot make the delivery within 3 hours, we will notify you of any changes or delays.

What is your delivery range?

Stockton-Metro Area. Enter the address at checkout to see if we deliver to your particular area; if your address pops up, you're good to go! If it doesn't, try a different address.  

Can I call and place my order over the phone?

No. For your safety and security, the only way to place a secure order is online through our website / mobile app.


Can I collect and deliver fresh produce for Earth Bacon?

Yes. Send an email to and tell us about yourself and availability.


Can I get a refund if I don't like my produce?

No. All sales are final, but we will correct any produce quality issues.

Why was my order cancelled?

Orders are cancelled only in extreme situations. If we haven't already called or emailed to discuss your cancellation further, please contact us at