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Discernment of the Cycles

Updated: Oct 10, 2023


Let me hear that again, start from the beginning.

Most can recall that phrase, saying it to another person or having it spoken to us when telling a story of a sticky situation. This is often followed by awareness and insight of where the stickiness arose. There is power in that moment of awareness. This is where change can occur. The chance to make a different choice before the stickiness manifests again, and it will, as long as we are making the same choices as before.  

Most cycles are ruled by fear. Fear of being uncomfortable. Fear of being unhappy. Fear of what others will think if you make a different choice for yourself. Fear of your shadows. But the thing is, you always make it through and you will get what you expect out of it . So why not expect something else? 

Bring your awareness to self and take a deep look at how you ended up here in the first place. Start changing your cycles. All your cycles; start small and grow to bigger expectations for yourself.  Whatever you are doing every day, make different choices. Try 3 small things like waking up at a different time, changing your passwords to something uplifting, showing gratitude to the person who would least expect it. Then try 3 new things every day until you have changed your life into the life of your desires.  I bet you 111 hugs that it works.




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