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You Will Get What You Expect: Shaping Reality with the 3Ms


In our unpredictable world, finding solace in our inner thoughts and expectations might seem like a quaint idea from a bygone era. Yet this wisdom is timeless and deeply embedded in the philosophies of ancient cultures and modern practices. These philosophies hold the key to not just enduring life's vicissitudes, but thriving amidst them. At the heart of this wisdom lies this single principle: You will get what you expect. This principle is not just about hope or wishful thinking; it's about understanding and harnessing the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes to shape our reality.

The Power of Expectation and Our Philosophies

"Our life is what our thoughts make it," Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic emperor-philosopher, once said. This ancient wisdom resonates with the modern understanding that our thoughts and expectations significantly influence our life's trajectory. When we expect greatness and positivity, we set the stage for their manifestation. Conversely, dwelling on negative outcomes can trap us in a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure and disappointment.

Our philosophies at Earth Bacon revolve around three pivotal elements: Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation. These elements are not just practices or interests; they are gateways to understanding and molding our reality according to our deepest desires and expectations.

Mushrooms are nature's architects of reality.

Mushrooms, revered by many cultures past and present for their healing and transformative properties, offer a unique perspective on reality. They remind us that all life forms are connected and there is potential for growth and transformation in the most unexpected places. By embracing the lessons mushrooms teach us, we learn to see opportunities for growth in every challenge and to expect positive outcomes even in adverse conditions.

Meditation is the art of crafting inner peace.

Meditation, a practice as ancient as civilization itself, allows us to clear the clutter of external influences and focus on our inner narrative. It's a tool to remove mental stress and align our thoughts with our aspirations. Through meditation, we can cultivate a state of mind where our expectations are not just idle wishes, but powerful forces shaping our reality. "The mind is everything. What you think, you become."- a Buddha's words remind us of the transformative power of meditation.

Mediation is harmonizing expectations.

Mediation, in the context of our philosophy of the 3Ms, goes beyond resolving disputes. It's about finding balance and harmony within ourselves and our interactions with others. When we expect the best in our dealings, we invite openness and collaboration, paving the way for outcomes that resonate with our highest aspirations.

The Sacredness of Thoughts

In the tapestry of our existence, each thought weaves a thread, contributing to the pattern of our reality. Our minds, fertile grounds for the seeds of our future, demand reverence and care, for it is within this inner sanctum that the blueprint of our lives is drawn. The ancient wisdom, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he," serves not merely as a reflection on the nature of our thoughts, but as a recognition of their inherent sanctity and transformative power.

The Alchemy of Thought

Thoughts are the alchemists of our reality, with the power to transmute the base metals of our experiences into the gold of our desired existence. This alchemical process is not a mystical secret, but a sacred duty we owe to ourselves. Each positive thought is a deliberate act of will, a choice to elevate our existence from the mundane to the sublime. In nurturing thoughts of hope, love, and abundance, we are not merely engaging in wishful thinking, but performing a sacred rite that consecrates our lives to the highest possibilities. To recognize the sacredness of our thoughts is to accept the responsibility of guardianship over our inner world. This guardianship demands vigilance, for just as a garden requires tending to prevent the overgrowth of weeds, our minds too need care to ensure that negative thoughts do not take root and choke our potential. Guarding our thoughts means being mindful of the inputs we allow into our consciousness - from the media we consume to the company we keep - for these influences can subtly shape our inner dialogue.

The Echoes of Ancient Wisdom

The notion that our thoughts shape our reality is not a new age concept, but an ageless truth acknowledged by sages and philosophers across millennia. From the Stoic musings of Marcus Aurelius, who reminded us that our life is the product of our thoughts, to the teachings of the Buddhas, who proclaimed that all that we are arises with our thoughts, the sanctity of the mind has been revered as the cornerstone of wisdom and well-being.

The Practice of Mindfulness

Embracing the sacredness of our thoughts invites the practice of mindfulness, a deliberate awareness of the present moment and the nature of our thoughts. Mindfulness is not a passive state, but an active engagement with our thought processes, recognizing that each thought is a choice and an opportunity to affirm the sacredness of our aspirations. By cultivating mindfulness, we learn to distinguish between thoughts that serve our highest good and those that detract from our well-being, allowing us to consciously direct our mental energy towards positive and life-affirming trends.

The Ritual of Positive Affirmation

The daily practice of positive affirmations is akin to a ritual, a sacred act that affirms the sanctity of our thoughts and their creative power. By declaring our intentions and aspirations with conviction, we reinforce the patterns of thought that align with our highest potential. These affirmations are not mere words but incantations that hold the power to reshape our reality, reminding us that in the realm of thought, nothing is inert, and every thought is a seed that holds the promise of a future harvest. The sacredness of our thoughts is a testament to the profound impact our inner dialogue has on our reality. Recognizing and honoring this sacredness is not only an act of self-care, but a profound spiritual practice that aligns us with the creative forces of the universe. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of life, we must remember that the sanctity of our thoughts is the foundation upon which our reality is built, and in nurturing positive, life-affirming thoughts, we are indeed shaping a world of endless possibilities.

Dreaming into Reality

The journey from dream to reality is one of the most profound expressions of human potential. The timeless saying, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it," serves as a beacon, illuminating the path from the ethereal realms of imagination to the tangible world of existence. This process is not happenstance, but a deliberate act of creation; our dreams become the blueprints for our reality. Dreams, in their most profound essence, are the raw material of our future realities. They are born from the deepest desires of our heart, the silent whispers of our soul seeking expression in the world. Far from being mere flights of fancy, dreams are imbued with the power to guide our actions and shape our destiny. They are the vision boards of our lives, upon which we sketch the outlines of the future we aspire to create.

The Power of Aligning Your Thoughts

The realization of our dreams begins with alignment — the harmonious synchronization of our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the essence of our aspirations. This alignment is a dynamic process of constant adjustment and attunement to the core frequencies of our dreams. When we align our thoughts with love, compassion, and the collective good, we tap into a universal force that propels our dreams from the realm of possibility into the realm of reality. Dreams that are rooted in the collective good possess a unique potency. They transcend individual desires and tap into the collective consciousness, garnering support, energy, and momentum from the interconnected web of life. Dreams aimed at enhancing the well-being of others or contributing to the harmony of the world carry within them a higher vibration, attracting opportunities, resources, and alliances that facilitate their realization.

The Alchemy of Manifestation

The process of turning dreams into reality is alchemy, where the base elements of desire and imagination are transmuted into the gold of tangible achievements. This alchemical process is governed by the laws of attraction and resonance, where like attracts like, and the energy we emit through our thoughts and feelings draws to us the circumstances and opportunities that resonate with the essence of our dreams.

The Dynamics of Co-Creation

Dreaming into reality is not a solitary endeavor, but a dynamic act of co-creation with the universe. We are not passive recipients of fate, but active participants in the unfolding of our destinies. By envisioning our dreams with clarity and intention, we send a powerful signal to the universe, inviting it to collaborate in the manifestation of our desires. This partnership with the cosmos is a dance of give and take, where our actions and intentions meet the supportive energies of the universe, weaving together the fabric of our realized dreams.

Dream Big

The audacity to dream big is at the heart of all great achievements. It requires courage to envision a reality beyond the confines of our current circumstances, to believe in the possibility of something more, something grander. Big dreams challenge the status quo, push the boundaries of what is considered achievable, and open the door to unprecedented possibilities. They are the engines of innovation, the catalysts for change, and the harbingers of new realities. Dreaming into reality is a sacred journey, a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity and the limitless potential of the human mind. It is a reminder that our dreams are not mere figments of our imagination but the seeds of our future reality. As we dare to dream and align our thoughts and actions with the greater good, we not only transform our own lives but contribute to the unfolding of a world that reflects our highest aspirations and deepest desires. In the alchemy of manifestation, we discover that the power to shape our reality lies within, waiting to be unleashed through the magic of our dreams.

Taking Action: Thoughts in Motion

The bridge between the realm of thought and the world of reality is built with the bricks of action. Expecting the best sets the stage, but it is through taking action that the curtains rise and the performance of our lives unfolds. This transition from passive hope to active engagement is the crucible in which our dreams are tested and our realities are forged.

Action is the catalyst that transforms the potential energy of our thoughts into the kinetic energy of manifestation. It is one thing to dream of a better future or to hold positive expectations for our lives; it is another to step into the arena and participate in the creation of that future. Each step we take, no matter how small, is a declaration of our commitment to our dreams and a defiance of the inertia that binds us to the status quo.

Aligning Thoughts with Deeds

The congruence between our thoughts and our actions is the cornerstone of authentic living. When our deeds mirror our beliefs, we create a powerful resonance that amplifies our ability to manifest our desires. This alignment ensures that our actions are not random or scattered but directed towards a purposeful end. It imbues our efforts with meaning and transforms routine tasks into sacred acts of creation.

Overcoming the Paralysis of Perfectionism

One of the greatest barriers to taking action is the fear of imperfection. This paralysis by analysis, where we wait for the perfect moment or the flawless plan, can be the death knell of our aspirations. The reality is that the perfect moment is a myth. Taking action, even in the face of uncertainty, is what propels us forward. Each action, regardless of its outcome, is a stepping stone, a learning opportunity that brings us closer to our goals.

The journey towards realizing our dreams can seem daunting, like scaling a mountain. However, every mountain is climbed one step at a time. The power of small, consistent actions cannot be overstated. They build momentum, creating a compounding effect that accelerates our progress towards our goals. These small steps are the embodiment of our thoughts in motion, tangible expressions of our commitment to our dreams.

The Feedback Loop of Action and Reflection

Taking action is not merely about relentless forward motion, but also about reflection and adaptation. Each action provides feedback, a mirror reflecting the efficacy of our efforts and the alignment of our strategies with our objectives. This feedback loop is essential for course correction, allowing us to refine our approach and adapt our actions to the ever-changing landscape of our journey. Have the courage to act in the face of fear.

Fear is an inevitable companion on the path to realizing our dreams. It whispers doubts, conjures worst-case scenarios, and magnifies the risk of failure. Yet, it is in the heart of this fear that the opportunity for growth lies. Taking action despite fear is an act of courage, a testament to the strength of our convictions and the depth of our desire to see our dreams come to fruition.

Taking action is the alchemy that transmutes the ethereal substance of our thoughts into the solid gold of our reality. It is a dynamic process, a dance of intention and adaptation, courage and reflection. By engaging with our dreams through deliberate action, we become the sculptors of our destiny, shaping the clay of our existence with the chisel of our will. In this creative act, we realize that the power to mold our reality lies not in the realm of passive hopes, but in the vibrant, pulsating world of action.

In the dances of life, where circumstances often seem beyond our control, the philosophies of Mushrooms, Meditation, and Mediation offer a guiding light. They teach us that, despite external chaos, we hold the power to shape our reality through our thoughts and expectations. As we live through the complexities of existence, let us remember the ancient wisdom that echoes through the ages: what we expect with clarity and purpose, imbued with the goodness of our hearts, we can indeed manifest into our lives.





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