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Colorism and the Colonization of Healing

love heals all things


Many of the experiences I have had within the wellness, healing, and alternative thought communities expose a deep-seeded racist undertone that many of those participating cannot see for themselves. 

Some of my earliest memories when figuring out and learning who I am and what the world truly is resulted in a common theme. There were not many people or experiences that I could relate to on a deeper cultural and spiritual understanding, whereas there were vast amounts of resources, relative content, information, stories, and so on made available to non-melanated beings. Many of the same struggles that a melanated man would have to conquer within the social structure, banking, business, and healing communities exist and play out as hurdles within the journey of knowing thy self. At a young age, I didn't witness, hear, or see any examples of people that looked like myself, my ancestors, or my family within the UFO community. I have had many experiences in my youth and as an adult with the unknown. I have witnessed UFOs or UAPS many times in my life. I have also had experiences with spirits, light beings, and ghosts etc.

While researching, cross-referencing, and trying to find others that have had the same experiences or similar experiences, I began to discover this community that we share is like a reflection of our society. Back then, being such a small community, it was much more apparent that there were many people like me coming forward or speaking out, but just not being heard. Or were they just silenced while being melanated? Do aliens have racial preference? Do they have a sexual preference? Why didn't I see any other melanated men or women telling their stories? I know I was not unique to these experiences, although most if not all of the stories and sources that were available all revolved around non-melanated beings. Although there were many historical and ancestral stories regarding celestial beings, Gods, aliens, etc., visiting our people and working side by side, teaching, showing, and contributing to our evolution, these stories do not reflect within the communities. Even to see western researchers and science dismissing stories of our celestial evolution because it came from people that looked nothing or thought nothing like them, only to come back later and realize the immense truth and facts based within the stories and images of people like the Dogons, ancient Kemit, the Navajo people or Diné, and places like Timbuktu and its great ancient libraries.

I am often met with surprise and questions of "how do you know such a thing?" Or “where did you learn this?” As if the truth must be white-verified before it can be accepted. It can be confusing because all of us humans learn the same, receive knowledge the same, and grow the same. We are all the same.

We often see the gentrification and reclassification of our ideals, thoughts, and concepts within the healing communities. The wellness and healing industry generates nearly a trillion dollars with a large portion generated off the thoughts, ideals, and labor of our ancestors, our cultures, and faiths that have been repackaged for the benefit of a few and not the whole. Our society then criminalizes the use of traditional medicines, healing techniques, plants and herbs that should be available to all yet are regulated, banned, taxed and made illegal to the masses while backroom and closed-door agreements have been made to benefit a few.

In similarities to the past I often see our western society grow comfortable with a melanated "poster boy" that then becomes the trusted resource for non-melanated beings. These chosen ones are often easily swayed to support popular ideas and concepts that our non-melanated brothers and sisters are the most comfortable with, creating thought forms,  teachings and methods that our society is well adjusted to, a world of their own and not for the whole.  I ask - is there any true growth and healing in this or just more circus to drive distractions and divides? All knowledge comes from Source. All life and all vibrations, all of everything comes from Source. We cannot become who we are within a divide; we are all one and must grow as one. The Ego is the driving force behind this problem and it must be destroyed for our evolution.

There is great privilege to create and grow with sovereignty, and not being a spiritual pawn to the agenda of complaisance-perceived comfort. Evolutionary healing and growth is uncomfortable and unfamiliar.  It does not look like you or think like you. It cannot be taxed, licensed, permitted, or legislated. It will come for all living organisms, there is no escape. There is no true healing without seeing yourselves in all that is and that will be. The light needs no gas; it is all that is and will ever be.  

Be an ally to self by supporting those that you perceive as different, less than or even opposing views. This practice is of high vibration. What you perceive as charity is actually a benefit to self. We are all connected, we are all manifestations of Source.  It is your freewill to know, not accept, and in return, uphold false light. Your will affects all and we are all we have.  

drugs don't heal, but you do

Healing in America has been toxified as products of Western consumerism.  Traditional marketing tactics have been utilized to over produce products with attempts to expand markets by neuromarketing happiness and healing. The healing community is now reading the same book as its oppressors, falling back into the same cycle that created the need to heal in the first place.  We all can heal ourselves; you can only heal yourself.  Show gratitude for the truths you find within - do not run from it or ignore it! Embrace it and embody that brilliant light! Take a slow deep breath, relax, look within and grow in peace.  Share your light with the darkness and your path will be clear.   





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