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Mush Mush More

The products created from mycelium and mushrooms may be new, but evidence proves fungus was on our planet before we were. Because mushrooms and mycelium have seen explosive growth not just in the agriculture industry, they’re a trending hot topic whose benefits can’t be refuted. You know you can cook them, eat them, and grow them yourself, but did you know mother nature’s magical mushrooms are also the foundation for the following creations?

  • Mylo™ - mycelium-based un-leather

  • Mushroom Mountain - a mycoremediation company using fungus to clean the environment such as oil spills

  • MycoComposite™ - mycelium-based alternative to Styrofoam™ and plastics

  • MycoWorks - creators of Fine Mycelium™, a patented technology of mycelium material

  • Mogu - producers of flooring and acoustic materials made of mycelium with the lowest environmental impact

With the amount of resources being poured into mushroom research and mycelium innovation, mushrooms definitely aren’t just a ‘movement’ - they’re mainstream - and will be here even when we’re not.



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